Welcome to Industrial Process Equipment

Welcome to Industrial Process Equipment

Welcome to Industrial Process EquipmentWelcome to Industrial Process EquipmentWelcome to Industrial Process Equipment

We provide sanitary and HYGIENIC conveying solutions

Lamella Pumps


Heavy Duty Pumps 

6 Different Sizes 4" Up To 14"

Volumes from 10m3/h To 200m3/h 

Installed In The Fishing-, Rendering-, Pet Food-, Poultry- And Yeast Industries As Well As Slaughterhouses 


HRS Positive Displacement Piston Pump 

Designed For The Pumping Of Viscous And Delicate Foodstuffs. Its Unique Designs Offers Working At High Pressures And Flow Rates Without Product Contamination. The Piston Pump Has Low Spare Parts Costs Compared To Other Positive Displacement Pumps.

Enviroflex Pumping Solutions


3/8" to 6"  Pumps For Pumping Small Metering Situations To Fish Heads In Fish Oil Plants

Marlen International Pumps


OPTI 100 Twin-Piston Pumping System

 Designed To Gently Deliver Products To Downstream Processes. The Zero-Slip Design Maintains Product Integrity For Products Ranging From The Highly Abrasive To Whole Muscle. The System Is Gentle On Your Products And Reduces Wear On The Unit, Extending Its Life.

Thunder Vump Seafood Offal Collection and Transport


The VUMP Is An Electric/Air Operated Transport System With Integrated Instrumentation And Controls System

Transport Offal Waste To A Screening System To Remove Solids For Value Added Processing

Designed To Replace  Traditional Transport Systems Such As Pumps, Screw Augers, Conveyors  Totally Enclosed Safe And Sanitary Environment

 Fish Egg Skein Transfer Flow/Volume  suitable for up to approximately 100 lbs per minute 


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